Use This Flossing Technique to Keep Your Children Cavity Free

September 1st, 2016
Use This Flossing Technique to Keep Your Children Cavity Free - Bow Trail Dental - Children Dentistry Calgary

Children and cavities tend to go hand in hand, and the last thing you want to do is let your child’s sweet tooth have free reign of the pantry. However, even if you keep all the candy locked up and teach your kids to brush thrice a day, many still somehow manage to end up with holes in their teeth. Feel like even your best efforts aren’t working? Maybe you’ve forgotten one of the most important parts of dental health: flossing!

Getting Children to Floss

Let’s face it. Flossing is probably never going to be “fun” for your kid. Coloured strings and other little toy-like additions may not always give your kid the incentive they need to get flossing. In times like these, helping your child floss for them is the best way to ensure their teeth are getting the care they need. Make shared flossing a part of the nightly ritual, either by flossing at the same time or flossing for your child. Start developing strong flossing habits and your children will follow suit!

Are you Flossing Correctly?

Flossing should be more involved than running a length of string between your teeth. Remember, the whole point is the remove food debris and plaque from the places that regular toothbrushes don’t reach. Tell your child to stand or sit still if you’re helping them floss, or call them over if you’re flossing side by side. Either way, make sure you’re flossing effectively! Ensure that you’ve taken a reasonable length of floss, then hold it taught by spinning the excess around your index fingers. Make sure you switch the contact point every few teeth, and that you are reaching right down to the gum line. Count carefully, and don’t skip any teeth!

Long Term Benefits

Contrary to what you may think, flossing is actually a very important part of maintaining oral health, especially at younger ages. Teaching kids to floss habitually will not only help develop strong gums, but will also encourage them to floss on their own more and more. In many cases, flossing is able to remove leftover debris and dislodge plaque that regular brushing just can’t achieve.

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