Three Dental Hygiene Myths Busted!

October 17th, 2016
Three Dental Hygiene Myths Busted! - Bow Trail Dental - Dentists in Calgary

There’s a lot of information out there about the best way to take care of your teeth. From ads promising whiter teeth in 3 easy steps to miracle foods that’ll stop cavities forever, the advice is endless. Like most other things, the only way to have healthy teeth is to treat them well with hard work and dedication. Here’s three common dental myths that aren’t as true as they might appear.

Whiter Teeth = Healthier Teeth

One of the reasons people strive to maintain oral hygiene is to keep their pearly whites shiny. While white teeth are great and certainly a good sign, they aren’t the be-all-end-all of oral health. Having white teeth is no guarantee that your teeth aren’t being subjected to problems like gingivitis or tooth decay. The best way to squash any concerns you have is to visit your dentist for a checkup. They’ll be able to tell you for certain whether or not your pearly whites are hiding anything.

Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

This isn’t entirely true. Sugar, by itself, is unlikely to do much damage to your teeth. However, sugar feeds the bad bacteria that reside in your mouth and encourages them to multiply rapidly. It’s the bacteria that then begin eating away at your teeth and gums and consequently cause all the problems you don’t want to have. Foods containing lots of sugar are also usually high in acid content (I’m looking at you, soda-pop!), which erode tooth enamel more than the sugar does. Ultimately, it’s a combination of bad bacteria, acid, and sugar that together result in poor oral hygiene.

Brushing Bleeding Gums

Don’t get it wrong, brushing your teeth and gum line is a very, very good idea! However, if you’ve got bleeding gums from a previous injury or illness, you’ll want to make sure to be gentle when brushing the area. You don’t want to agitate the sensitive gums too much, as this will prolong the healing process. Instead, brush thoroughly around the area to help prevent infection and stop the bleeding from worsening. Flossing around the area is also very helpful in removing plaque and keeping the area clean.

Oral hygiene is a serious business, and improper care can lead to much greater complications down the line. However, you want to make sure that you’re getting your information from a reliable and credible source, and double checking with your dentist regularly. Bow Trail Dental always welcomes new clients; call us at (403) 240-1257 to set up an appointment!