Preventing Dental Decay in Children

April 15th, 2016
Preventing Dental Decay in Children - Bow Trail Dental - Children Dentistry Calgary

Calgary Dentists at Bow Trail Dental in the SW are big fans of little smiles and are always happy to see children in their Family Practice.  There’s been a lot of talk lately about the impact Calgary’s non-fluoridated water is having on the dental health of young children.  Preventing Dental Decay in mouths that are still developing is crucial to a child’s speech development, ability to chew, jaw and bite development and the health of unerupted adult teeth.  The fluoride debate won’t be resolved overnight – so taking other measures to keep your child’s smile healthy is important.

Baby Teeth Do Matter

Why do some people think that the health of baby teeth doesn’t matter?  They may be small, there may be less of them than adult teeth, they may come in a bit wonky or sideways – but they play a crucial role in a child’s formative speech and development and ease of adequately chewing food.  Consisting of twenty in total – ten on the top and ten on the bottom – these short, fat, bright white teeth hold space for unerupted adult teeth which is a big responsibility – ensuring that developing tooth buds are given adequate time and space to mature in to healthy teeth.  Though Baby Teeth, otherwise referred to as Primary Dentition, aren’t meant to remain in the mouth forever they are needed for a desired amount of time – as required space for adult teeth and assisting with adequate jaw development can be compromised when they fall-out too soon.

Dental Decay Can Impact a Young Child’s Smile and Dental Health

Dr. Sean Wong and Dr. Muoi Leong of Bow Trail Dental explain that even babies can get cavities and the need to keep tooth surfaces and gums free from oral bacteria is required for all children.  Brushing twice a day and flossing a young person’s mouth may sound extreme but it really isn’t – it’s essential for removing deposits of plaque and food remnants – which when combined is the perfect mix for tooth decay to begin.  Plaque contains bacteria that love to feed-off the simple carbohydrate particles that hide-out between teeth and just below the gumline.  The result is acids being released that erode tooth enamel and irritate gum tissue.  Over time the erosion of enamel becomes a cavity – which can destroy the tooth to the point of it being un-restorable and requiring extraction.

Along with a good homecare routine – regular dental visits that consist of an exam, cleaning and fluoride treatment helps keep teeth strong and smiles bright.

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