Dental Insurance

Some people cringe when they have to go to the dentist – when they do, they’re either thinking about their mouths or their pocketbooks. With sedation dentistry and high-quality family dental care, you don’t need to worry about the former. But what about the cost? Often dental care is covered in a health plan that your employer offers; if you’re not lucky enough to be covered that way, there are many private health care plans which can help you afford the preventative care you need. It’s pretty hard to spend hard-earned money on something relatively expensive that isn’t really enjoyable for you. However, your oral hygiene and health is a big part of your overall physical health! Your mouth is connected to the rest of your body, and health problems in your mouth can indicate and contribute to health problems in the rest of you. For most people, staying healthy and keeping their teeth is a high priority. Regular dental appointments are the best way to achieve that!


Plans We Accept

We do like getting paid for our services, so we do our best to make it easy for you! We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and Interac/Debit. We also accept all dental insurance. What does that include? Here’s a partial list:
Blue Cross
Great West Life
Claim Secure
Alberta Dental Service Corporation
Non-Insured Health Benefits Program


That’s Great, But My Insurance Confuses Me!

Insurance confused us at first too! The good thing is, now we’ve got a lot of experience with it, and especially with helping our patients navigate complicated legal and medical terminology to figure out what’s covered and how to file a claim. Ultimately of course you need to understand the insurance, but if you need support we won’t leave you stranded. Like we said above, we accept all insurance – so if you’ve got Blue Cross, we accept that! QuickCard? Yup, that too. ManuLife and SunLife…all of them.

Even better? We will file your claim on your behalf. That means that we bill your insurance company directly and you don’t have to pay for the full cost of the entire treatment upfront! Please do still come prepared to pay the portion not covered by your insurance. We’ll bill the insurance company first, and then ask you for the remaining balance. Still confused? Call us and ask to speak with our financial expert! Our goal is to eliminate obstacles and surprises, so that you can enjoy the healthy smile you deserve without feeling too much of a “bite” in your wallet.