Have a Missing Tooth and Not Sure How To Replace It?

June 6th, 2016
Have a Missing Tooth and Not Sure How To Replace It? - Bow Trail Dental - Calgary Dentists

Patients lose teeth for a variety of reasons — from tooth decay and infection to trauma and periodontal disease. Probably one of the hardest diagnoses to give a patient is that a tooth is un-restorable and requires extraction.  Nobody wants deliver or receive this news, and it can create considerable discussion and decision making regarding the best method for replacing the missing tooth.

Deciding How to Replace your Missing Tooth.

On a positive note, when it comes to replacing teeth, there is usually more than one treatment option available. That means a variety of budgets, time restraints, and degree of complexity can be taken into consideration.  Lately, there is a lot of talk about dental implants being the ultimate replacement for natural teeth.  But, while they do provide longevity and function that is the closest to a natural tooth, they are not suitable in every case as bone health and a patient’s bite have to be taken into consideration.  Dental Implants are simply one solution that can offer amazing freedom from wearing a partial denture. At Bow Trail Dental, we find many of our patients enjoy the superior aesthetics that mimic the look of a natural tooth — but if cost or tissue suitability prohibits selecting this option there are still a couple more to consider.

Dental Bridge — Trusted and Proven.

The science behind a dental bridge is relatively simple — but the result restores a patient’s smile both functionally and aesthetically.  Called a bridge because it literally ‘spans’ across the missing tooth — this method of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth has been trusted by dentists for decades.  Fabricated by taking an impression of the missing tooth and the teeth on either side (these teeth will have been prepped to become the support units) a lab makes a custom bridge that consists of abutments (support teeth) and a pontic (replaces the missing tooth). This application can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth and is a permanent solution as the bridge is cemented into place and last years — even decades.

What About a Partial Denture?

We’ve talked about the benefits of choosing a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth — the fixed nature of an implant or bridge allows for better chewing and speech, and it can provide a level of comfort that is hard to beat.  But what if neither option works for you?  A partial denture is still a viable choice and advances in materials allows for a better fit and aesthetic.  A partial denture can offer patients a restored smile along with functionality and affordability.

Not sure which options is best for you? There are pros and cons to every dental decision, and the expert Calgary dentists at Bow Trail are here to help you may the best choice for you. Regardless of your budget and circumstance, we’re sure that we can find a tooth replacement strategy that works for you. Call us or come in today and talk to the dentists at Bow Trail Dental.