Gum Disease – What Causes It and How Can It Be Prevented?

April 1st, 2016
Gum Disease – What Causes It and How Can It Be Prevented? - Bow Trail Dental - Family Dentists Calgary

Gum Disease – creates a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons – as this very common oral complaint that can rob a person of their smile due to premature tooth loss.  But it isn’t just its impact on the mouth that’s causing people to pay attention – this oral disease is also associated with a person’s overall health and is linked to an increased risk of developing or worsening physical conditions such as diabetes and stroke.

Are Your Gums Healthy?

Before you go running to the bathroom mirror to check-out your gum tissue, you’d better have an idea of what healthy gums look like.  Gums that are in tip-top condition are a healthy pink color, are snug around the neck of the tooth (no signs of recession) and can handle the ritual of daily brushing and flossing without bleeding.  In an ideal world our entire gum tissue would reflect total wellness and not give away signs of inflammation.  Some people have specific areas of gum inflammation – especially around misaligned and crowded teeth that tend to trap plaque and food particles – creating increased gum and bone inflammation.  For other patients, their gums and jaw bone health may exhibit generalized inflammation – as plaque and calculus is deposited around all teeth – causing irritation due to the high amount of oral bacteria present.

How Do You Prevent Gum Disease

Family Dentists at Bow Trail Dental in SW Calgary explain that Gum Disease may also be referred to as Periodontal Disease – which refers to the tissues around a tooth.  Bone, ligaments and gum tissue all play a part in holding teeth in place – and when they are weakened or destroyed as a result of infection and inflammation from oral bacteria the result may be tooth loss or teeth that become compromised due to increased mobility.  Preventing Gum and Periodontal Disease should be a priority for patients of all ages – as this disease can be both prevented and stopped in its tracks in the early stages.  What do you need to do to keep you the tissues that support your teeth healthy?  

*Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once in a twenty-four hour period.
*If flossing makes you frown – try to clean between your teeth with an interdental cleaner at least once a day – but flossing is best!
*Try to quit smoking as this habit may be one of the worse things for teeth and gums.
*Let your dental team know if you suffer from diabetes – as your oral health will benefit from more frequent cleanings.
*Get to know your dentist – maintain regular cleanings and exams to monitor and control any signs of gum disease.

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