What Should the Easter Bunny be Bringing your Child this Year?

April 1st, 2017
What Should the Easter Bunny be Bringing your Child this Year? - Bow Trail Dental - Children Dentistry Calgary

It’s that time of year when kids everywhere will be looking forward to a visit from their favourite furry friend and his delivery of chocolatey goodness. It’s also the time of year when parents and dentists everywhere begin to worry about the effect all that “goodness” is having on those poor pearly whites. Here’s how you can keep both groups happy this Easter season.

Are All Chocolates Created Equal?

The answer is no, especially when looking at it from a dental perspective. The worst kinds of chocolate are those that will stick around for a long time on teeth after being consumed. Although sugar does not directly contribute to dental problems, the type of bacteria that its presence promotes definitely does. Therefore, it’s best if your child is able to consume chocolates that can pass quickly from mouth to stomach, and won’t hang around to cause any real damage. Eggs that are filled with sticky caramel or many kinds of fudge are popular culprits. Instead look for chocolates that contain some nuts or some other ingredient that encourage chewing and can help break up the stickiness.

Must it be Chocolate?

The answer here is, again, no! Children love Easter for the sense of wonder and excitement, and that appeals to them the most. If you’re concerned about protecting your child’s teeth, consider taking to focus away from chocolatey goods and focus the fun onto other gifts. Most children will appreciate a cute stuffed bunny just as much, if not more, than a basket of eggs. You can still do the annual egg hunt, but think about what other kinds of rewards you can provide.

Repurpose it!

If your children have collected a mountain of chocolate eggs and rabbits from various family members what you just don’t know what to do with it all, here’s your chance to think creatively! Instead of watching hopelessly as your children consume it all by the handful, or crying their pained groans as they watch you pack it away, try instead to think of ways to incorporate it into new dishes and treats. For example, you can break up the chocolate and repurpose them into small chunks, which make great chocolate chip substitutes for cookies. Mixing it into brownie batter can is another great idea, or using it as a hot chocolate base. Here’s your chance to do the baking project you’ve always wanted and help reduce the chocolate intake this Easter at the same time!

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