Date Ready Smile 101

February 1st, 2017
Date Ready Smile 101 - Bow Trail Dental - Dentists in Calgary

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be turning your thoughts to that special someone in your life, or perhaps someone that you hope to one day have in your life. Valentine’s Day can be a mixed bag of beans, and not everyone is a fan. For those looking to woo a date, this week’s blog is meant for you! And even if you aren’t trying to impress a date, it’s still nice to have a date ready smile because, hey, you never know!

The Prep Work

Whiter teeth is often the first thing people think of when wishing for a date ready smile. Teeth whitening is possible, but it takes time! The more time you give yourself, the better the results. Schedule teeth whitening appointments at least 2 weeks prior to the day, pushing it back further if you can. Whitening strips and paste are also valid options, but they don’t always work as well as they’re advertised to. For the week or two leading up to the date, avoid foods like red wine, blueberries, coffee, or orange juice, as they can stain your teeth. Be diligent about tooth brushing; it’s never too late to start developing better oral hygiene habits!

The Night Before

Now is the time to stress out about what to wear for the big day. When it comes to lipsticks, opt for cooler, blue-purple based reds instead of warm, orange based ones. Don’t choose from your selection of brown colours, as they will bring out the yellow in even the whitest teeth. Brush your teeth well, floss, and rinse with mouthwash before you head off to bed! The last thing you want is to give bacteria a chance to fester in your mouth all night long. Ensure you get a full night’s rest, and brush again in the morning. On your way out, rinse with mouthwash and grab a few mints to make sure your breath stays fresh.

During the Date

Congrats, you’ve made it this far! Be mindful of what you will be ordering for dinner, and think about how easy it is for whatever you’re ordering to stick around on your teeth for the rest of the night. As romantic as you may think it is, red wine is probably not a great choice if you’re in for a long evening, as it will very likely stain your teeth — go with the white instead. Pack a small oral hygiene kit with you that can be easily concealed in a purse or bag so you can give yourself a quick clean after dinner. Carrying toothpicks or floss is also a good idea, just in case you need to remove a sudden bit of food that decided to lodge itself right between your front teeth.

Having a date ready smile is easy and fun to do! Start planning early, and remember that basic oral hygiene will go a long way. Bow Trail Dental wishes all our clients the best this Valentine’s day. For all those out there that will be enjoying their own company, it’s never a bad idea to come in for a dental checkup! Give us a call at 403-240-1257 today!