Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

March 1st, 2017
Your Child’s First Dental Appointment - Bow Trail Dental - Children Dentistry Calgary

Oral hygiene starts early! Being proactive and taking your child in for a dental checkup early in life will go a long way to ensure their oral health.

How Soon?

Early dental checkups will help catch any problems with your child’s teeth right away and can help avoid long or expensive treatment later on. Furthermore, it will teach your children proper hygiene habits and normalize trips to the dentist, getting rid of the stigma that dentists are something to be scared of. Checking with your dentist to see when they start accepting patients is an excellent place to start. Each dentist might have a slightly different philosophy, but generally will accept patients are around a year of age, when teeth can first be seen. Bow Trail Dental is happy to see your child once they get their first tooth.

What Are We Looking For?

During your child’s first appointment, we hope to acclimate them to the dentist’s office environment. You and your child will come in, meet the dentist, and a quick checkup will be done, again mostly to show your child what is going on and to teach them not to be afraid. The dentists and staff are also more than happy to have you voice any and all concerns you may have so they can be addressed. We’ll also show you how to properly brush your child’s teeth and provide tips on all other aspects of oral care.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

Dental visits are quite similar to a regular checkup for your child at the doctor’s office. Be expected to be asked about your child’s health history, however short it may be, and ready to discuss how your child’s early dental habits like diet and teething are progressing. Come well equipped with questions and concerns so they can be addressed at the time. To prepare for the actual logistics of the visit, try not to hype your child up or make it sound like a big deal. Remember, we want to teach your child that a visit to the dentist’s office is a routine part of keeping their teeth healthy, and not something that should be met with dread or anticipation.

Your child’s first tooth is a major milestone in their growth! Let it be memorable and also serve as a kicking off point to maintaining strong oral hygiene in the many years to come. As mentioned above, Bow Trail Dental is happy to see child patients once their first tooth has erupted. Give us a call today at (403)240-1257 to set up an appointment!