Avoid These Three Teeth-Staining Foods for a Wedding-Ready Smile!

September 15th, 2016
Avoid These Three Teeth-Staining Foods for a Wedding-Ready Smile! - Bow Trail Dental - Teeth Whitening Calgary

Your wedding should be one of the happiest and most memorable moments of your life. For an occasion this grand, you’ll want to be sure that absolutely everything is picture perfect, right down to the colour of the straws. Don’t let the colour of your teeth be the one detail that ruins  the wedding photos. Avoid the following teeth-staining foods to ensure that the only thing shining brighter than your pearly whites is the dress.

Coffee and Tea

No other morning beverages seems to have quite the same grip on Canadians as coffee and tea. Despite their caffeinated goodness, these drinks are some of the leading culprits for causing stained teeth. Their high acid content wears down tooth enamel, making it softer and more easily stainable by other drinks. If you’ve limited yourself to one or two cups of coffee a week, you’re unlikely to see any drastic changes to your teeth. However, if you’re a habitual coffee or tea consumer, you may want to start taking it easy a few weeks before your big day.

Coloured Drinks

Any drink that is heavily coloured or artificially dyed should be avoided as well, as the colouring can easily linger around on your teeth. Sports drinks, red wine, and acidic fruit juices all have the tendency to discolour your teeth, as well as wear down its enamel. This is bad in two ways. Firstly, the colouring will stick on your teeth for many days afterwards, and it can be annoying to get rid of. Secondly, weakened enamel exposes the yellow coloured dentin underneath, a natural but non-white part of your tooth. For both these reasons, you should steer clear of coloured and dyed beverages as well.


The nemesis of teeth everywhere. Sugary drinks have been the age-old culprit for causing bad teeth for seemingly forever, but this is with good reason. Canadians’ daily sugar intake far exceeds the healthy amount, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to avoid drinks like pop or acidic juices for a little while. If you feel the incessant need to indulge your sweet tooth, try to brush your teeth right after, or at least rinse with water.

What Can I Drink?

Now that most of your favourite drinks have been named bad for your teeth, you’re probably wondering what you actually can drink in the days preceding the big day. Water and milk are the two most beneficial drinks if you’re looking for something to quench your thirst. Don’t like dairy milk? Soy or almond works just the same!

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